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Friend's Only

Due to changes in LiveJournal policy, I will be making my once completely open journal, friend's only in order to comply. All future posts will be friend's only till further notice.

I will open general posts back up again, and any artwork or adult topics will be friends only. I will search for a way to open my journal back up again, with an RSS feed or something. I'm still looking.

Now you can rest

I found out that tonight my friend Ricky passed away. I have known him since I first started coming out in the Bear/Chub and Chaser scene over 10 years ago. He was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and when they operated they determined he was stage 3. After the operation his condition slowly worsened till they just had him on morphine to help him be comfortable. I knew it was coming but just not so soon. Ricky was the one I went to when I finally walked away from my family. It took me 3 hours to walk to his place that day and I never looked back. I also lived with him for a couple years as a roommate. He was always a safe haven and a beacon of warmth and love. I love you and I will miss you.

Mmm Mexican food.

We just got done eating at Enchiladas with Corey, Jimmy and midwestlineman. We pull into Racetrack so Josh can get some cigarettes.

Josh: *trying to pull himself out of the car* uhggg....
Me: Come on...
Josh: Don't come on me!?
Me: *laugh*
Josh: *glare*


It's been raining and thundering since last night. So I feel oddly spastic this morning. Not bad, but just like a bundle of ADD energy. I love thunderstorms.

TBRU 2012 Sunday Dinner

TBRU 2012 Sunday Dinner by enigmacub
TBRU 2012 Sunday Dinner, a photo by enigmacub on Flickr.

TBRU 2012 Sunday Dinner

Fast Track

This year seems to be going at a pretty quick clip. It's like blink and it'a already 3 months in. TBRU is this week and I'm looking forward to it. Work has been going good and we are at the end of the next sales quarter. That is always one thing that annoys me. TBRU always happens at the end of the sales quarter so I can't take any time off for it. Hehe. joshualore made it back from Austin Sunday morning. Jimmy and Corey are here hanging out. I got to play my first game of Munchkin. We played the Cthulu core deck since Jimmy accidentally only had half of his main core deck. It was fun, but yeah it will take a couple times for me to get really used to it.

Car accident confirmed

I was rear ended last week by a diver who was not paying attention. I happened on my way into work and it was only a block away. I got a call yesterday from her insurance company that they are accepting liability. So tomorrow morning at 8, I will be going to her insurance companies adjuster to take a look at the damage. Luckily it was nothing structural. It was a dent in the lid of the trunk and scratches and crumple marks in the plastic of the bumper.

Yesterday we picked up Jimmy and Corey to come hang out. They have been hanging with us lately which has been fun. Also casmire stopped by after work to hang. We watched Ink Masters and also the new episode of America's Next Top Model. Proof that I watch way too much Brit-TV, I can understand all the girls clearly, even the Scottish one that they subtitle.

I'm so mentally exhausted today after work. I swear sometimes I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall trying to get things done. It really does make me appreciate my previous position even more, hehe. But the good part was that one of my team mates brought soft cookies a la mode for the team. It was really good. microautoe and rhyno1975 are over and we are headed to the Chinese Grandmother for food.

The final piece of the puzzle

Fate has a funny way of confirming things. A simple conversation, a slipped word, an unspoken epiphany and 6 years of stored data finally coalesce into a large picture. I had a feeling but this confirmed it all. I guess I'm more out at work than I previously thought. But no matter how it was done and by whom and for what purpose, I'm still here and that must count for something. The funny part is I never mentioned where I work. The only way to find this blog before I changed everything was to look for my screen name or my full name. Which means it wasn't an accident.

The Next King

Ok so this generation's Elvis is now gone. Who will take up his mantle. The radio was tossing around names like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, to name a few. It will be interesting to see who the public will elevate to that status. One of my coworkers wonders if it will be a girl.

Personally I doubt it will be a girl, this go round. I hate to say it but women like Madonna and Janet have had more success and longer chart topping longevity but never came near that status in the public eye. Yeah it's a double standard and it sucks but even the most iconic women never seem to reach that pinnacle. So I'm not banking on Christina Aguillera, Beyonce, or any other woman taking that mantle held by Elvis and Michael.

Usher's Confessions album was his Thriller. I'm not banking on Usher being as innovative and ground breaking. Like the moon to the sun, he is a reflection and I'm not seeing him truly being able to break free from the "New Michael" name he has been given. This goes for the ones that follow right behind him like Omarion, Chris Brown, and Ne-Yo. I'm not seeing them break free from the Michael comparison enough to be of that status.

Justin will fall short. He has all the makings of what should make the next icon except people were already comparing him to Michael and Usher. Granted he shares a similar history to Michael with coming from a boy band and then being the one who blew up after leaving. He is probably the closest candidate but I think he will be more like Roy Orbison than Elvis. Justin just doesn't have that touch of crazy. He is a great entertainer and will have longevity. People will come to see him for years, but will never be considered a king.

Kanye West? Too niche personally. Granted he is innovative and willing to bear his soul, but he just doesn't have the broad appeal needed to be that level of icon. Does he have the touch of crazy? Yeah he has that in spades. I see Kanye like Prince was to Michael. He rubs many people wrong, but you can't deny his talent. I think like Prince, his dedication to his art is both his strength and his undoing. I just hope he doesn't show up in ass-less pants.

The way I see it, each icon was never manufactured. It's not going to be a cookie cutter that the music industry is banking on being the next big one. I think it will be one they give a chance to but never expected. There was a few year gap between Elvis and Michael, so we will have time before we see another King rise up. It will be interesting to keep an eye on current artists and see who it will be.

Personally I'm hoping he will be Latin this time. Granted there was the Latin explosion of 1999/2000 but it's been long enough that another explosion could happen if the right guy was heading it up. Someone who is like Ricky Martin, Marc Antony, or Enrique Iglesias who is known to the Latin community but will cross over and stay. For those wondering, I do not see it being a reggaetonero. So no PitBull, Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandell, Zion Y Lenox, NORE, Tego Calderon, Big Mato, Don Omar, or the others. It's too niche. The Latin community in the US is growing fast. We have already become the majority in many southwest cities. We live in just about every state in the union. Our food is becoming common place and our culture is permeating ever facet of life. Plus for those of us from the Caribbean, we have West African influences so it's like a third coming of black music (Elvis (Rock 'n Roll), Michael (Motown Pop)).

Th0r-goyle Remix

I drew this for th0rbear back in 2005 and I was surprised when I went looking through my scans folder and found it. So I decided why not go ahead and color it.